Meet Your Teacher....

Alvina, a respected body worker and educator, has been practicing since 1991. Her studio is a true oasis where clients are treated like personal guests. Alvina’s services are rooted in both her extensive knowledge and big heart. She is a registered and approved NCBTMB and FL provider who offers training to individuals, groups and schools. More about

Chakra Tai Chi

Chakra Tai Chi is a 20 minute exercise with movements taken from traditional Tai Chi, Chakra Tai Chi was developed by Dr Raheem for her students as a means to clear and energize themselves, as well as to monitor their energetic and conscious development. Although simple, Chakra Tai Chi is very energizing and clarifying. It can be used by anyone as a self-help tool. It can be used as a regular practice for clearing , energizing, and strengthening your chakra energies, as well as for reading and developing your conscious alignment with your full potential. Developmental correspondences with each of the seven traditional chakras and one additional one from root to crown is explained. The easy but strong Tai Chi movements are demonstrated as they relate to each chakra. Then you are shown how to bring all the movements together as a body/mind/soul exercise for health and consciousness development.

What They Are Saying…

Lovely to do outside in nature. TR

I really learned something about myself by doing this and I can do it anytime!!!  CL